Bama hat for my girlie.

alaBAMA hat

I had a few minutes this morning while I was watching my daughter train at gymnastics. So…. I crocheted her a hat. I haven’t written the pattern down, but if you are interested, let me know and I will post it.  I wasn’t sure how the “A” would turn out but I’m happy with it.

Our world has sort of turned to “all things Alabama.”  After they won the BCS National Championship this week and the college gymnastics season has begun (they won their meet against Mizzou), we are all consumed.  Although we are 18 months away from her leaving for college, I think the count down has begun.    It is hard to imagine what our house will be like without a kiddo in it.  For 33 years (well 33 for hubby and 28 for me) we have had kiddos around.  Boy will life change!  So for now we are savoring every minute of these months before she moves to Tuscaloosa.


Christmas fun for my girl.

We have been decorating a special tree for my daughter since she was a little girl.  Now 16, her taste is very whimsical.  Her room is decorate with BRIGHT orange walls and HOT pink bedding.

Pretty Tree Topper

What tree is complete without a monkey?

We made a beautiful tree topper and added some pipe cleaner accents.  Every year for about 10 we have been picking up a few new ornaments for her personal tree.  This year we added a cute monkey and some glittery bling ornaments.

Gotta have some bling!

It turned out precious.  I think I’m getting as much joy from it as she it.  There is something very sweet about saying good night to her with this pretty tree glowing in the night.

Christmas tree for my girl.

Bama bound!

Roll Tide!

My sweet daughter has verbally committed to a gymnastics scholarship with the University of Alabama.  We are now living “all things Bama”.  She has car decals, all kinds of clothing and now….. a Bibi-love made “Big Al”.  I went in search of a pattern for an elephant and found one on  This was my first time to make a purchase on Craftsy.  I have to say, I love this site.  This pattern was listed as a “vintage pattern”.  I haven’t used a vintage pattern before and didn’t know what to expect.  Without some photos along the way, I was as lost as I could be.  But I hung in there and trusted that the pattern would work itself out and it did.  Big Al has been added to our growing collection of Bama gear.   Roll Tide!


Cutie Giraffes

crochet giraffes

Cutie giraffes – amigurumi!

My second amagurumi project……. I called them Cutie Giraffes.  I originally saw these cute guys on Pinterest.  The “pin” linked to a Wilma’s blog…  I find her work so cheerful.  We tried to find a pattern for these cute guys, but according to Wilma, she wasn’t willing to sell her pattern.  I was so in hopes of buying the pattern.  I think I would buy a pattern for each of her creations.  They are so colorful and cheerful.  As the owner of a dachshund, I particularly love the little ones she has created.  Anyway, my sweet friend Sheri studied the creation and figured out a pattern of her own.  She was generous and shared the pattern with me.  We have both made several Cutie Giraffes.  They bring such joy to those that are receiving them.  I gave these to my grand-daughters.  I loved the smiles on their faces when they saw them.  I love the creativity that comes from sharing.  Thank you Shari for sharing the pattern and thank you Wilma for sharing your creativity.


This was my first attempt at amagurumi.  My mom taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, but my attempts left off at a simple blanket or two.  I’m working to pass the art of creating on to my daughter.  We have some great times (and talks) while we are creating.  Crocheting is not really her “cup of tea”, but maybe she will come back to it later.  Anyway, Pinterest gave me the bright idea to give this a try. And….I suffer from the illusion that I can do ALL of the crafty things I see.  I also leap before I look….. so the full instructions don’t get read before I start a project. I went in search of a pattern and found one at Half way through this little guy I realized that it would be about 12 inches tall (sitting) instead of about 8 inches tall.  In any event, he turned out great and my daughter LOVED him.  She gave him a name (Sherbert) and made him part of the family.